About us.


Hawk Builders had a humble start, and by delving deeper into their expertise, knowledge, and skills, the company has built a strong reputation over years. Being an industry-leading firm for the last 40 years, with the potential to complete any wood project imaginable, we have dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of framing. We have continued to learn new and exciting ways to innovate our methods seamlessly. Whether building one of the largest wood projects in America or a small local hotel, Hawk Builders drives home quality and brings the project in on time.

Beyond our desire to continuously learn and apply new concepts to our building process, we take our customer service seriously. We treat co-workers and customers like family more than mere business associates. One of our primary focuses is establishing long-term relationships with our clients by offering competitive and budget-friendly rates while providing high-quality products and services. Our immense dedication and core values (promptness, affordability, innovation, and customer service) allow us to earn the trust and respect of clients to such a degree that they keep coming back to us for their construction needs.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to infuse excellence into our practices and be the premier wood framer in North America. We aim to continuously raise the bar and offer exceptional experiences to our clients. By consistently exceeding the industry standards, our mission drives us to innovate ourselves and tap into the latest advancements to deliver client-oriented solutions.

Our goal is constant and never-ending improvement. We utilize cutting-edge tools at our disposal to constantly improve upon our existing business model. Our goal is to apply new techniques, methods, and technology to provide an ever-evolving service that outperforms every other framing service in the industry. By doing this, we aim to consistently satisfy each and every client, and stay ahead of the curve as a professional construction firm.