We offer top quality project services


We specialize in large Multi-Family projects and has helped many clients in the framing of residential buildings such as apartments and condominiums. However, our knowledgeable team is also able to serve commercial entities and private homebuilders. Our unique business model allows us to become more than just your partner throughout your project. It sets us up to be a long-lasting partner for many projects to come.
Our experts spend quality time understanding your project needs and aim to relieve you of the pre-project stress. Our pro engineers walk you through the engineering, budgeting, and preplanning phases to make them go as smoothly and effectively as possible.
As soon as our team gets boots on the ground, we immediately begin delivering the highest quality framing service possible with the latest technology. Our management staff is trained to maintain and follow the latest building codes and other local standards to ensure the project is completed with the utmost professionalism. We maintain the highest standards and rely on quality insurance policies to avoid unnecessary problems that may arise.


Innovation is a major part of our company’s culture. With that in mind, we have an intense focus on learning to adapt the most innovative construction technology available to increase the quality of our service. For instance, we are currently learning to make our trusses and wall-panels in-house to lower our production costs and deliver those savings to you. We frequently update our software capabilities, equipment, and other vital parts of our company infrastructure to promote an environment of growth and evolving excellence. We have even refined the way we engineer our blueprints and other parts of the planning process to make the process even more efficient.
Our technological advances increase our ability to expand and continue our legacy as a leading company and also help set new standards for the industry as a whole. As we innovate and transform the construction process, we eliminate system conflicts that usually arise in the traditional approaches. This promotes an industry-wide culture of growth that benefits several other industries in the long run.
With this dedication to making technological advances, we have taken the construction world by storm and created long-lasting relationships with countless clients. They call us back time and time again to take on new and exciting projects, and each time, we surprise them with a new innovation that makes the process go smoother and in a more cost-effective manner. This is the foundation of our company, and we aim to continue along this path of advancement for years to come.

Quality of Service

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We have dedicated years to mastering the art of wood construction, and by pairing that experience with our customer-first attitude, our team continuously aims to improve the quality of our excellent services by streamlining the whole project, finding transformative ways to involve our clients in our projects, and learning to adapt new and exciting technology to aid us on our mission. We create a safe working environment to achieve our goals in a consistent and efficient manner.

Quality vs Cost

Premium quality does not mean high costs. We offer exceptional services at fair and reasonable prices. Our business model allows us to offer consistent pricing plans for our commercial clients, and we’re always finding new ways to reduce costs while enhancing quality. We work with a wide range of commercial businesses and housing companies, and we understand the importance of deadlines. We always strive to complete the projects on time or ahead of scheduled dates and deadlines. By offering our services in a consistent, reliable, and timely manner, we jumpstart your projects efficiently.



Hawk Builders and MiTek® are leading the way in Building Information Modeling (BIM) for wood framing. Hawk Builders will manage and control your project through new and innovative technologies, control design stages, and the framing process. We will work with your team and MEP Trades to get the design right the first time.
Hawk Builders utilizes MiTek® Saphire software to aid in the pre-construction coordination process. We take the time to create a constructible model that aids the framing process and assists field teams. This process helps both Hawk Builders and your management start to bring the experience and capabilities necessary to frame the project correctly the first time.
Further, we will provide your field personnel special tools to ensure the framing is done correctly, manage the job & complete the punch list. Pre-construction is the most important part of the project. Hawk Builders has a whole department that works with you to insure your job is started correctly.


Our goal is to get the job done right the first time. Beginning with pre construction and continuing through all phases of a project. Hawk Builders’s proven start up technology process and principles drive the efficiency of our services. We strive to eliminate re-work and waist by keeping our teams focused on well-defined deliverables at a reliable and predictable process.
Hawk Builders commits to evaluating all aspects of the job at the pre construction stage and delivering value at the highest level possible.
Our start up team uses advanced technologies, including 3D modeling, to create process flows, discover conflicts and provide the means to solve them. Our commitment to learn allows us to develop more predictable, reliable schedules and offer more time for planning and solving challenges